Who We Are

Beware of Misfits

The Crypto Misfit Society (CMS) is a collection of 5,000 unique and carefully crafted Misfits, housed in the Ethereum blockchain and made up of over one hundred distinctive traits that give each character its own personality.

Misfits stand out from the crowd, and in this community, we celebrate exactly that. We stand together in a society that respects everyone’s differences and grows together.

Join us and be a part of this growing society. We’re just getting started!

Crypto Misfit Society

What We Want

Our Goals

To build and grow the most bad ass community in the NFT space.

To give back to charitable organizations focused on the health and education of our children. CMS is for the children! 

To give back to our members in many different ways. Whether it is random Misfit airdrops, community tokens, exclusive access to future collections, access to project funding and much more!

To fund new and exciting projects led by members of our community. 

To build a dope merch collection that will make our members proud to represent and be a part of CMS. 


of all primary sales to be allocated for charitable contributions.


of all primary sales to be allocated to the CMS fund with the purpose of funding community projects.

of the primary sale to be allocated for giveaways for our community.

Where we’re going



The Foundation

Collection Release

Initial collection of 5000 Misfits released for minting.


8% of all primary sales to be allocated to the CMS DAO for charitable contributions.


3ETH of all primary sales to be allocated to the CMS DAO for community giveaways.


CMS Capital

CMS Venture Capital Fund

15% of all primary sales to be allocated to the CMS Venture
Capital wallet under the CMS DAO’s governance. The fund’s
purpose is to fund new and innovative projects driven by members of our community. Think of it as a decentralized shark tank…of sorts.

The ownership of one (1) CMS NFT grants the holder access to pitch their project to the CMS DAO.


Get in Style!

Streetwear & Merch

CMS collection of streetwear and other branded merchandise to launch at cryptomisfitsociety.com


The Hero’s Journey

2nd Collection Release

The Misfits take a trip with the release of the 2nd collection of CMS NFTs.

* First collection holders to receive priority minting rights and random airdrop giveaways.


Roadmap Progress Tracker to Activate at Release Date

what you get


The CMS community is designed to grow with its members. For that reason, Misfit holders receive exclusive benefits and perks. We believe in giving back!

Full IP Ownership

As a CMS holder, you own the underlying artwork and all of the Intellectual Property tied to it.

Exclusive Discounts

CMS holders receive exclusive apparel discounts and access to limited merch releases.

1 Misfit = 1 Vote

You can participate in our DAO voting process. Every NFT equals one vote in the CMS DAO.

Additional Perks

Participate in random Misfit airdrops, community token giveaways, exclusive access to future NFT collections, access to project funding and more!

The Culprit




Artist/Web Designer/Entrepreneur

Santi is the creator and founder of the Crypto Misfit Society. With a strong background in business and a passion for art, Santi has merged both worlds together to make the perfect combination of amazing art and business, driven by a vision to empower all of the members of the CMS.

what we know

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total supply?

The first Crypto Misfit Society (CMS) NFT collection contains a total of 5,000 Misfits that will be housed in the Ethereum blockchain.

When will the first CMS collection launch?

We live y’all!

What is the price of minting a Misfit?

Misfits will be first released to our whitelist members at a price of 0.02 ETH. Thereafter, minting price for everyone will be 0.04 ETH.

What is a DAO?

DAO stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. This organization is controlled by its members and governed by a set of rules written into a smart contract that lives in the blockchain. Due to its decentralized nature and set rules, no one member can control its decisions and otherwise it relies on the votes of its members to make decisions. 

Where can I join the CMS?

You can join and participate in our community at our official Discord, Twitter and Instagram pages.

What do I get with my CMS NFT?

Not only you will own a bad a$$, one of a kind Misfit, but minting a Crypto Misfit Society NFT will also get you:

  • Full ownership of the underlying artwork & IP.
  • Voting rights in the CMS DAO.
  • Exclusive merch discounts and access to limited releases.
  • Access to pitch a blockchain technology related project/idea and receive seed funding to kickstart the project.
  • Patrticipate in all future giveaways.
  • Early access to future CMS NFT collections.